“A most professional and engrossing film.  I found it an emotional experience and I am sure others did too.”  –  P.M., Plymouth, NH

“Northern Trespass” is beautifully done! Every aspect of it is perfect. The blending/mixing of natural scenes with people, the “cast of characters,” the absolutely apocalyptic views of power lines in Quebec, the “script” of what people are saying and the balance you achieve among all the views and positions against Northern Pass.  –  J.K., Easton, NH

“Words do not express what an impact the film made on your audience last night.” – G.D., Barnstead, NH

“What a fabulous work of art your documentary is. You covered all the bases beautifully.” – L.P., Stewartstown, NH

“The documentary was very powerful – I had tears in my eyes a few times. I have done a lot of reading about the NP, but I learned so much more!” – L.C., Bristol, NH

“Awesome!…absolutely spectacular!!” – D.M., Sugar Hill, NH

“I can’t thank you enough to have tackled this huge problem head-on. Thanks to you, people are waking up to what we are going to be exposed to if we don’t speak out. Keep up the good work – people are following.” – A.V., Rumney, NH