Northern TrespassWhat’s all the fuss about the Northern Pass Transmission project? Why are so many people opposed to it? This documentary pulls the veil off and exposes the project for what it really is, an unnecessary and destructive profit-driven proposal that threatens the very essence of New Hampshire and its people.

This documentary is produced by two new filmmakers from the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Jan Marvel & Michelle Vaughn. “Northern Trespass” will take you on a journey from Québec, Vermont, New London, CT and many towns throughout New Hampshire. This film documents how the Northern Pass will affect the tourism industry, health, the environment, the White Mountain National Forest, property values as well as New Hampshire’s greatest  treasure, its scenic beauty.

The “Northern Trespass” documentary is now available for sale on DVD!  Online purchase available at the Orange Store. For more information on how you can purchase your copy of the film or for the film to be screened in your local movie theater contact, Northern Trespass

To view the “Northern Trespass” trailer on YouTube:  Northern Trespass                                       “Northern Trespass” trailer also available on Vimeo: vimeo.com/68445203

Also view the “Northern Trespass” world premiere:  Premiere at the Flying Monkey